What best describes Nathan Cundiff

is his Robin Williams meets Mister Rogers persona, a natural born character actor with a warm and friendly personality. A voice actor who is not just another voice, but an actor who cares about the role he is playing. Whether the character is the “guy next door” or the “alien visitor from beyond the galaxy”, he wants to help you to tell the story by giving heart and soul to every word.

Nathan’s Voice Overs have been heard here and internationally. Voicing for radio, TV, and animated videos, he is an experienced professional; sought after for his ability to bring a script to life doing multiple characters for animation as well as radio promos and commercial spots. Nathan has voiced for WVLR TV48 and CCN Radio, and animation projects. He brings personality, talent, and professionalism to his work.



      Dog Barks
      Creature Sound


      David Johnson Revival Commercial
      Promo For Children’s Program Block


      John and Bill – CCN Radio Spot
      Hey Ray – CCN Radio Spot
      Imogene and Henry CCN Gospel Spot
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